Мексика - Лига де Экспансион 04/17 23:00 642 Оахака vs ФК Симарронес де Сонора - View


Мексика - Лига де Экспансион 04/03 01:05 14 [11] ФК Симарронес де Сонора v Club Atletico La Paz [3] W 2-1
Мексика - Лига де Экспансион 03/28 03:05 13 [7] Коррекаминос v ФК Симарронес де Сонора [11] W 0-2
Мексика - Лига де Экспансион 03/25 01:05 12 [11] ФК Симарронес де Сонора v Клуб Селая [6] L 0-1
Мексика - Лига де Экспансион 03/21 01:05 11 [1] ФК Венадос v ФК Симарронес де Сонора [12] D 0-0
Мексика - Лига де Экспансион 03/14 03:05 10 [13] ФК Симарронес де Сонора v Минерос де Сакатекас [7] D 2-2
Мексика - Лига де Экспансион 03/11 01:05 9 [12] ФК Симарронес де Сонора v Канкун [5] L 2-4
Мексика - Лига де Экспансион 03/01 03:05 8 [15] Атлетико Морелия v ФК Симарронес де Сонора [14] W 0-1
Мексика - Лига де Экспансион 02/22 03:05 7 [15] ФК Симарронес де Сонора v Тепатитлан де Морелос [11] W 4-0
Мексика - Лига де Экспансион 02/18 18:00 6 [13] Атланте v ФК Симарронес де Сонора [14] L 2-0
Мексика - Лига де Экспансион 02/08 03:05 5 [13] ФК Симарронес де Сонора v Тапатио [12] L 1-2
Мексика - Лига де Экспансион 01/31 03:05 4 [9] ФК Симарронес де Сонора v ФК Тласкала [11] L 1-2
Мексика - Лига де Экспансион 01/24 01:05 3 [14] Оахака v ФК Симарронес де Сонора [9] D 2-2


Matches played 34 18 16
Wins 12 8 4
Draws 10 4 6
Losses 12 6 6
Goals for 51 30 21
Goals against 48 21 27
Clean sheets 8 5 3
Failed to score 7 4 3

Wikipedia - Cimarrones de Sonora

The Cimarrones de Sonora Fútbol Club is a Mexican football club that plays in the Liga de Expansión MX. The club is based in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.


The "Cimarrones de Sonora" were born in 2013, when the "Rays" of Poblado Miguel Alemán FC became the champions of the Third Division of Mexico and thus were promoted to Second División 2. After the ascent, with the goal of reaching the Liga de Ascenso of Mexico, employers and trustees of Hermosillo origin, led by Edmundo Ruiz, acquired the franchise as a whole, since this had an agreement with the Necaxa. After this happens, the Mexican Football Federation will communicate to employers that the franchise did not have approval to participate in the precinct Miguel Aleman, since it lacked the minimum infrastructure requirements, hospitality, transportation, etc. That's when managers decided to move the franchise to Hermosillo, renaming the club to "Maroons of Sonora" and having as coach Enrique Ferreira. That was how the team played its first game in the second division at the Águilas Reales de Zacatecas, which ended with the score tied at 0–0. On August 30 they recorded their first victory by defeating 2–1 the Vaqueros de Ameca. As a result of this first tournament, the Apertura 2013, the team finished in 17th position in the overall standings. The next tournament ended again in with the Cimarrones in the 17th position. In the 2014 Apertura tournament with Angel Monares as coach, the team improved significantly. He finished top of Group 1 of the Premier League and fourth place overall in the second division. Maroons played the final against the Potros UAEM. In the first leg 1–0 Maroons emerged victorious Estadio Hector Espino at full capacity, however, in the second leg they beat the Potros UAEM in Estadio Alberto "Chivo" Córdoba by a score of 2–0 in overtime, finishing as runners-up of the tournament. In the Clausura 2015 another coaching change was made, and Jorge Humberto Torres was hired. The team finished in fourth place in the overall standings and were eliminated in the semi-finals by Loros de la Universidad de Colima.

Liga de Ascenso

The May 29, 2015, after announcing the expansion of the Liga de Ascenso, it was announced that the team would be promoted, beginning with the Clausura 2015 season, to the league. This marked the highest the Maroons had reached on the Mexican pyramid. The team has since made the quarterfinals of the Ascenso three times, never advancing beyond this round.

ФК «Симарронес де Сонора» — профессиональный мексиканский футбольный клуб из Эркана, выступающий в Ассенсо МХ. «Симарронес» ни разу не попадали в плей-офф и не выигрывали Кубок Мексики. Команда проводит свои домашние матчи на стадионе «Эстадио Хулио Альфонсо Мартинес».