Бразилия FPB 09/27 00:00 - Паулистано v Сан-Жозе L 64-71
Бразилия FPB 09/23 21:00 - Паулистано v Пиньейру L 74-76
Бразилия FPB 09/18 22:00 - Паулистано v Sao Paulo L 78-93
Бразилия FPB 09/13 22:00 - Паулистано v Бауру W 69-65
Бразилия FPB 09/09 19:00 - Паулистано v Франка L 71-78
Бразилия FPB 09/06 22:00 - Sao Paulo v Паулистано L 67-55
Бразилия FPB 08/27 14:00 - Сан-Жозе v Паулистано L 83-65
Бразилия FPB 08/17 23:00 - Пиньейру v Паулистано W 66-100
Бразилия FPB 08/12 19:00 - Паулистано v Осаско W 76-55
Бразилия FPB 08/10 22:00 - Паулистано v Corinthians W 84-63
Бразилия FPB 08/07 22:00 - Можи-дас-Крузис v Паулистано W 67-80
Бразилия FPB 08/04 23:00 - Араракуара v Паулистано D 0-0

Club Athletico Paulistano, abbreviated as C.A. Paulistano or C.A.P., is the senior men's basketball section of the Brazilian multi-sports club Club Athletico Paulistano (C.A.P.), which is based in São Paulo, Brazil. The team competes in the top-tier level Brazilian league, the Novo Basquete Brasil (NBB). For sponsorship reasons, the club is also currently known as Paulistano/Corpore, or Paulistano Corpore.


Paulistano was the first team of point guard Marcelinho Huertas, long-time player and captain of the senior Brazilian national basketball team. In the NBB 2009–10 season, the club's managers signed center Rafael "Bàbby" Araújo, who had just a been Brazilian national league champion with C.R. Flamengo, a season before. But the team did not have a good season, and finished the season in eleventh place in the Brazilian NBB League. The following NBB 2010–11 season was even worse than the previous one, and Paulistano finished the season in twelfth place in the NBB.

In the NBB 2011–12 season, under the guidance of head coach Gustavo de Conti, and led on the court by the young players Elinho Neto and Betinho Duarte, Paulistano had the best NBB season in the club's history, as they finished in seventh place in the regular season standings. In the NBB playoffs, the experienced team of Franca defeated the young team from São Paulo. In the following NBB 2012–13 season, Paulistano lost Betinho Duarte to Minas, and Guillermo Araújo to its greatest rival, E.C. Pinheiros.