LOL - LCK Summer 08/10 08:00 - Gen.G vs Fredit BRION View
LOL - LCK Summer 08/13 08:00 - Gen.G vs KT Rolster View


LOL - LCK Summer 08/05 11:00 - DWG KIA v Gen.G 1-2
LOL - LCK Summer 08/03 11:00 - Kwangdong Freecs v Gen.G 0-2
LOL - LCK Summer 07/30 11:00 - T1 v Gen.G 0-2
LOL - LCK Summer 07/28 11:00 - Gen.G v DRX 2-0
LOL - LCK Summer 07/24 11:00 - Hanwha Life v Gen.G 0-2
VALORANT - MEL Premiership 07/22 20:00 - Gen.G v Cloud9 View
LOL - LCK Summer 07/22 08:00 - Liiv SANDBOX v Gen.G 0-2
VALORANT - MEL Premiership 07/21 22:30 - Version1 v Gen.G View
LOL - LCK Summer 07/17 11:00 - Gen.G v NS RedForce 2-0
VALORANT - MEL Premiership 07/14 22:30 - Version1 v Gen.G View
LOL - LCK Summer 07/13 11:35 - Gen.G v Liiv SANDBOX 2-0
LOL - LCK Summer 07/10 08:00 - DRX v Gen.G 0-2

Wikipedia - Gen.G

Gen.G Esports (Korean: 젠지), previously known as KSV Esports, is a professional esports organization with headquarters in Santa Monica, Seoul, and Shanghai. According to Forbes, Gen.G is the sixth most valuable esports organization in the world as of December 2020, worth US$185 million.


Gen.G Esports was formed in 2017 as KSV eSports by Kevin Chou and Kent Wakeford, co-founders of the video game development company Kabam. The organization started out by acquiring the rights for an Overwatch League franchise in Seoul, South Korea. The purchase reporterdly amounted to $20 million with the intention to hire both an all-Korean roster as well as an all-Korean management staff. This team would later be known as the Seoul Dynasty. On May 3, 2018, KSV eSports announced a rebranding to Gen.G. On January 20, 2020, Gen.G was unveiled to be behind an NBA 2K League franchise called the "Gen.G Tigers of Shanghai", the first franchise to not be affiliated with an NBA team, and the first franchise outside of North America. Along with the announcement, Gen.G announced that itself and the NBA 2K League were working together in a "long-term strategic relationship". On August 27, 2020, Gen.G was announced as one of the 10 selected teams as part of League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) franchising.